The Little Company



In Company With Jesus



     The Lord comes very near the workers, and angels go before them. My brethren and sisters, never forget whose company you are in. See by faith an angelic host around you. Believe that the Lord Jesus is by your side, that his glory enfolds you, that he is pouring upon you the refreshing showers of his grace. Speak and act to the glory of God. Say, "In thought, word, and deed I will be a blessing to those I meet. I will let light shine forth." Enter into conversation with the people. Become familiar with their experience, and from the book you are selling read passages that will help them. Take with you into their homes the sunshine of heaven. Outside of the truth, there is little enough of this sunshine now in the world.    

     As you seek to become acquainted with those who have no knowledge of the truth, as you strive to speak words in season, remember that you are God's helping hand, and that he will teach you to speak words which will cause light to shine into darkened minds. Doors will open for the work of soul saving. Many who enter Christ's service at the eleventh hour will labor with great earnestness for him. They will appreciate the wonderful truths of the Word of God, and will bring these truths into the daily life. 

RH, June 17, 1902