The Little Company






     Nothing is more essential to communion with God than the most profound humility. "I dwell," says the High and Holy One, "with him that is contrite and of a humble spirit." While you are so eagerly striving to be first, remember that you will be last in the favor of God, if you fail to cherish a meek and lowly spirit. Pride of heart will cause many to fail where they might have made a success. "Before honor is humility, and the humble in spirit is greater than the proud in spirit." "When Ephraim spake tremblingly, he exalted himself in Israel; but when he offended in Baal, he died." "Many are called, but few chosen." Many hear the invitation of mercy, are tested and proved; but few are sealed with the seal of the living God. Few will humble themselves as a little child, that they may enter the kingdom of Heaven.    

     Few receive the grace of Christ with self-abasement, with a deep and permanent sense of their unworthiness. They cannot bear the manifestations of the power of God, for this would encourage in them self-esteem, pride, and envy. This is why the Lord can do so little for us now. God would have you individually seek for the perfection of love and humility in your own hearts. Bestow your chief care upon yourselves, cultivate those excellencies of character which will fit you for the society of the pure and the holy.    

     You all need the converting power of God. You need to seek him for yourselves. For your soul's sake, neglect this work no longer. All your trouble grows out of your separation from God. Your disunion and dissension are the fruit of an unchristian character.    

     I had thought to remain silent, and let you go on until you should see and abhor the sinfulness of your course; but backsliding from God produces hardness of heart and blindness of mind, and there is less and less perception of their true condition, until the grace of God is finally withdrawn, as from the Jewish nation.

PH117 25